6-Week Coaching Program

This program focuses on gaining career clarity and creating a social media strategy that works for your goals. I help you pinpoint the social media platforms that will most effectively reach the people you want to connect with. I also create a personalized strategy that enables you to stay on top of your social media profiles, without consuming your life!

The 6-week program is best for people who want to focus on building their personal brand across social media platforms.


12-Week Coaching Program

My 12-week coaching program is designed to be an intensive, top-to-bottom career transition and personal branding solution.  We start by clarifying your career goals and establishing a plan of action. From there, I help you create all the career documents you’ll need: a resume, template cover letter and complete LinkedIn profile. You’ll also receive full assistance in selecting and setting up social media accounts and strategies to easily maintain your profiles.

The 12-week program is best for people making a complete career transition. We cover everything from resumes to social media strategy.


Resume and Cover Letter Writing

The cornerstone of any job search is your resume and cover letter. I’ll spend some time getting to know your job history and goals, and then I’ll put together a resume and cover letter template that’s tailored to your needs. This option is best for people who already have LinkedIn and social media under control, but they need a little help in the resume department.


LinkedIn Profile Writing

Showcase your professional achievements and job history on LinkedIn. This isn’t social media like Facebook or Twitter – you won’t find photos of people’s pets or what someone’s having for lunch. This is a professional networking tool, plain and simple. Recruiters and headhunters use LinkedIn to find qualified  candidates and review testimonials. I’ll set up your complete profile to make sure you look your professional best.

To start either coaching program, or to ask about traditional resume and cover letter services, contact me for a complementary 20-minute discovery session.